Are you an evaluator looking for a community, one of my cartoon patrons, an evaluation workshop participant, an evaluation blogger, or just someone who likes my cartoons?Β  Well, you are in the right place.Β 

My name is Chris Lysy, and this is the community that ties all of my digital ventures together.Β  Here is what you'll find.

  1. Β At the top Community section (with no login necessary). Featured freshspectrum cartoons (each week I'll share a few). You'll also see a space with pictures of cartoon sightings and links to other spots on the web (or off the web) where you'll find my cartoons.
  2. The next section is for Evaluation Networking.Β  This is a digital community space for in between our weekly Zoom networking events. This is open access, but to join our weekly events you just need to register for the networking seriesΒ (it's free).
  3. The next section is for my Cartoon Patrons.Β  I give evaluators who support me on Patreon access to all of my cartoons through a dropbox folder, which I share here.Β  I also take requests from my patrons.Β  To get access, support me on Patreon. Β 
  4. The EvalCentral section is for coordinating the Eval Central blog feed. If you blog about evaluation and would like to submit your blog, you can do it here.Β  If you know an evaluation blog you would like to see added to Eval Central, you can suggest that here as well.
  5. The Evaluation Workshops section includes individual discussion groups for participants in any of the digital workshops I produce with fellow evaluators.Β  You can check out the current workshops on offer here.

And finally, you'll find a set of links to some of my ongoing digital projects. Β